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Texting is so 1984.
Unda lets you send short video messages to your friends. 
It is like voice mail on video, but better.
You can record 10 sec video messages
and send them faster than any other app.
It works like a video walkie talkie.


On unda you can create groups just with
a few taps and instantly share video
messages with up to 8 people.
Dont worry if your friends are busy, we keep
all your video messages on the cloud ready
to be played whenever they are available.


Send video messages privately to your 
friends and be who you are.


Short video messages are very light,
and this is a good thing for your data package.


“500 Startups’ Unda plans
to challenge Skype
on video messaging.”


“Could the next wave in mobile
messaging be video?
500 Startups’ Unda hopes so.”


Looking to nail
video messaging.”


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Unda. 2014