Small but huge update: introducing multitakes!

When we introduced the GIF Mixer a few weeks ago we knew the next logical thing was to change the way we record the video messages on unda app. Today we are introducing multiple takes editing on one single video, and this may sound like “meh” but mixing GIFs on every take and combining the animations and filters is pretty fun. Check out the video below to see what we mean and make your own with unda app for iPhone now! Get the update right now from the App Store! (BTW use the #videoselfie or #unda hashtags on Twitter or here so we can see your beautiful creations!). 

Huge new update for Unda App: Introducing Video Selfie and GIFs mixer.

Unda app latest update for iPhone introduces two new super cool features that we are sure you are going to love:  Video Selfies and the GIFs Mixer

GIFs mixer is exactly what you are thinking: it lets you search for thousands of GIFs available online and mix them with your video messages in a very cool way. It’s not just any random GIFs though, these GIFs are transparent by default so you can mix them with your videos for crazy results. Try also using the back camera for even cooler stuff. 

To use the GIFs Mixer just tap on the GIF search icon while on the recording view, search for anything and then pick one. After that you can scale and move around the GIF anywhere you want and even activate the Face Tracking option or changing the speed of the animation. When you are ok with the result just tap DONE and start recording your video message. Don’t forget you can mix it with the filters as well.

Video Selfie is also being introduced as part of this update and it’s pretty cool. We know that you already have a bunch of friends everywhere, services like Twitter, Facebook, Line, Whatsapp or even your Contact List.  With Video Selfies now you can record video messages, use the GIFs Mixer or Motion Stickers and then share these video messages anywhere you want, even on active conversations you have on these services. Try it! and if your friends like it, maybe they’ll join unda as well :) 

So go on, update your unda app and get into it. GIF Mixer is super deep and the stuff you can do is awesome. We are waiting to see what you can do it it. 

Have fun with unda and don’t forget: Life is Bigger than Texting. 

ps. don’t forget to check out our quick intro video for the new functions! 

Introducing Motion Stickers for Unda Video Messages

Video messages are supposed to be fun and personal, and that’s exactly what we’ve always dreamed with unda app. So what exactly is a motion sticker? well, it’s actually hard to explain with written words, but they’re super easy to use and have fun with.

Motion Stickers are animations you can combine with your video messages and they use some advanced technologies like Motion Tracking and Face Tracking *or some complex technology but super easy and fun to use* so you don’t need to do anything but select one and play around with it. Some stickers follow your face around the screen, so you can move around and the animations will follow you. Some also detect the movement of your camera and will adapt in real time. 

So how do you use the motion stickers? it’s easy: while on the recording screen on unda now you can tap on the smiley face icon and access the motion stickers menu. From there, you can choose one motion sticker at a time and record your video message like before. Try choosing one motion sticker and then combine it with video filters for crazy combinations. Try also using both the front facing and back side camera. When you get the app update you will get 16 motion stickers ready to use, and then you can unlock even more by just sending video messages to your friends. 

Check out some examples of what you can do with Unda’s Motion Stickers down here. Now the FUN part begins! 

Unda app now running on Google Glass

Unda app is a fast, fun and free way to send video messages to your friends and family.

Recently we did a quick hack on Google Glass and now you can send private video messages from Glass to other Glass users without going through any social networks. Also, you can send private video messages to any Unda app users on iOS or Android. This is just a quick demo of our Alpha Version but we will continue to update this project.

Video messaging is a great way to share personal moments with your friends and we feel that Google Glass, is one of the most natural ways of doing video messaging out there.  

Unda App now running on Google Glass from Unda on Vimeo.

Introducing our new design.

It’s only been 6 months since we launched Unda on the iPhone and one year since we started working on it. Our Android app has been out there for just a couple of months but we are just getting started.

Today we are debuting our entire new design in our iPhone app and we could not been more happy about it. 

Over the last few months we’ve listened to your feedback and now you’ll see and experience a lot of improvements on the app. 

One thing we keep learning is how do you want to use video messages in your daily life and how we can improve the overall experience of using video as a messaging alternative. 

There’s not doubt that video makes everything more personal and nothing comes even close than seeing your friends, girlfriend *or boyfriend* in one short and fun video message. The problem comes when you have multiple conversations and you want to know where you left each one of those in a quick way. That’s why we’ve redesigned the entire messages view and now you can see what’s happening on each conversation with just a quick glance and tilt of your phone. 

While improving some core functionality was really important, we’ve also updated the overall look and feel of the app and there’s even more improvements under the hood, the app is faster and smother on all devices. 

New Filters: More fun! 

Besides the new design we are also introducing a couple of new filters to make your video messaging experience more fun and unique. Check out the new “painting” and “distortion” real time effects. 

There’s a bunch of things we’ve been working on and some pretty exciting updates are just around the corner. 

Easier and Faster to find your friends.

Now it’s even easier and faster to find your friends on unda. In this update you can simply access your contacts or Facebook friends with a couple of taps and we will automatically find all your friends and add them for you. 

Last but not least we want to thank each and everyone of our beloved users: this is as exciting as it is because of your continuos support and love for unda. 

Enjoy! (and remember): Life is bigger than texting. 

-Unda team.

Note: New design is currently available only in our iOS app. 

Download it now

Life is Bigger than Texting.

Hello, undaes

Welcome to our new blog where we will keep you posted about updates, news and announcements about Unda, our video messaging app. 

Today is not like any regular day for us. Today we are finally shipping Unda for Android, just 4 months after releasing it for iOS. It’s been a great team effort to deliver it in such a short time considering that our iOS version took a bit more than 6 months to develop. 

If you have an Android phone, go ahead and download Unda for free from the Google Play Store. 

For us, it feels like it’s been a super long journey, but honestly we are just getting started. 

It’s really amazing to see how fast our communication habits changed during the smart phone era, don’t you think?. In just a few years we gradually moved away from using our voice as the main way to talk over our phones and we replace it entirely with short blurbs of information using text, emoticons, photos and stickers.

While all that is really amazing, it’s also becoming really clear that we are living in a dehumanized time where communication is becoming less and less human in a way. While we are more connected and  have internet access literally everywhere, the majority of our conversations are mainly text, and this is completely un-human in a way. 

Communication is a very basic human need, but sometimes it feels like texting “I love you” or sending a sticker is just not enough. Video is really intimate and powerful, and while there are a bunch of really amazing products to make video phone calls we live in such a busy time that even doing that has become really complicated.

Unda solves these two problems at the same time: 

1) We want to make communications human again. We want to make messaging human again. 
2) Sending video messages is, in a way, way much more efficient than making video phone calls during the day. It takes only a few seconds to share some video with your family or friends on unda, and you don’t have to worry if they are busy, moving from point A or B, or on a different time zone. 

Unda is also a very unique app where we focus on you and your friends. Each conversation is a super simple and clean chronologically organized video messaging list between you and your friends.

Also, one of the most unique features about unda is group video messaging. You will love it once you use it. It’s really easy to share video with up to 8 people at the same time. And when all your friends join into the same conversation, you realize you can’t do this with any other app. It’s really fun. 

There are a lot of things happening around us every single day. Don’t you think it’s a shame we are not sharing those moments with the people we love? in a private, secure and fast way? we are tired of sharing everything with everyone, all the time. We now know that we don’t want to share everything on our public timelines, but we also want to keep those memories somewhere available all the time. 

We have a bunch of things to share in the near future but for now we just want to end this post by saying: thank you. So far we’ve received tremendous support from users all over the world discovering the meaning of our motto: Life is Bigger than Texting, and you know what? it really is. 

Unda team.