Introducing Motion Stickers for Unda Video Messages

Video messages are supposed to be fun and personal, and that’s exactly what we’ve always dreamed with unda app. So what exactly is a motion sticker? well, it’s actually hard to explain with written words, but they’re super easy to use and have fun with.

Motion Stickers are animations you can combine with your video messages and they use some advanced technologies like Motion Tracking and Face Tracking *or some complex technology but super easy and fun to use* so you don’t need to do anything but select one and play around with it. Some stickers follow your face around the screen, so you can move around and the animations will follow you. Some also detect the movement of your camera and will adapt in real time. 

So how do you use the motion stickers? it’s easy: while on the recording screen on unda now you can tap on the smiley face icon and access the motion stickers menu. From there, you can choose one motion sticker at a time and record your video message like before. Try choosing one motion sticker and then combine it with video filters for crazy combinations. Try also using both the front facing and back side camera. When you get the app update you will get 16 motion stickers ready to use, and then you can unlock even more by just sending video messages to your friends. 

Check out some examples of what you can do with Unda’s Motion Stickers down here. Now the FUN part begins!